Science Consulting

Harmonized science and marketing solutions
From science consulting to digital marketing, whatever your need is, we can support you.
Using our expertise, we give you the finest advice on your experimental designs. We guide you through the analytical techniques pertaining to microbiology, immunology, flow cytometry, tissue culture and vaccinology.
Experimental Techniques Advice & Set Up
We advise you on the layout of your lab space, inclusive of ventilation requirements and where your apparatus should be placed, to allow for the best possible work space based on your experimental needs.
lab design & set up
Our well-published scientists will assist you with your scientific reports. By applying their statistical understanding, your experimental results will be interpreted by meticulous graph representation. We deliverer expert opinion for all your write-up requirements
scientific write ups
Theres nothing more reassuring than knowing that your lab complies with the required laboratory practices. We advise you on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) requirements so that your facility is audit ready.
Audit Preparation
Regulations are constantly changing and developing. We give you peace of mind by helping you understand the regulatory requirements involving your product registrations, product claims and more, under various legislations.
compliance research
Scientific Interviews
What better way to increase your credibility than to have explanations of the experimental process and results straight from the scientists who did your tests. The below are examples of interviews done for our clients.